10/14/14 ››› Teacher Strikes, the Public Interest, and the Neoliberal Turn of the 1970s. 4:00 pm, 206 Ingraham Hall. Visit the website for more information.
10/15/14 ››› 'Compulsory Unionism’ in the Public Sector: Free Market Activism and the Eclipse of Labor-Liberalism. 4:00 pm, 8417 Social Sciences. Visit the website for more information.
10/16/14 ››› Open Seminar: 'Against the Public': Teachers, Unions, and the Decline of Labor-Liberalism in the 1970s. 12:20 pm, 8108 Social Sciences. Visit the website for more information.
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Global Studies @ UW-Madison is one of 125 National Resource Centers in the United States. Information on all such programs is available on the NRCweb.

Global Studies provides faculty a wide array of information, including:

Over the last couple years, Global Studies has collaborated with the American Red Cross and partners at other global studies programs to offer K-14 workshops on humanitarian law and human rights in Madison, Illinois, and North Carolina.

Global Studies Outreach coordinates events and resources to communities and educators in Madison and throughout Wisconsin, including teacher workshops and our free, online-accesible curriculum units: World Ecosystems Beyond Borders (WEBB). We are also a proud member of the Wisconsin International Outreach Consortium (WIOC).


Connect to Global Happenings – the most comprehensive list of international events on and around the UW-Madison campus – and the Global Studies Events calendar.

Global Studies supports and manages a number of exciting programs & resources on campus, including:

Global Studies offers various opportunities and resources to UW students, including: