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Global Studies and the Center for European Studies offered a K-12 Teacher Workshop, 23-27 June 2008 at Lowell Hall on the UW-Madison Campus.

The theme for the workshop was New and Emerging Migrations – encompassing such topics as new immigrant communities, forced migration, human trafficking, and social adaptation & integration. Mark Lilleleht (Outreach Coordinator, Global Studies) and Csanad Siklos (Outreach Coordinator, Center for European Studies) were the co-conveners of the workshop. Questions about the program (see below) can be addressed to either.


The workshop registration fee was $50.

Once you've registered for the conference, participants registered as UW-Madison special students to earn one (1) gradaute credit from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We arranged a tuition fee waiver with the University so the total tuition amounted to just the $50 workshop fee and $37.59 billed by the UW-Madison.

Please note: Registration for the workshop was required -- for the graduate credit was not required.


Click here for a final agenda and daily schedule! Updated 18 June 2008.

The workshop day will generally stretch from 8:30 to 4:30pm, Monday thru Thursday. The workshop will wrap up early/mid-afternoon on Friday.


Confirmed speakers and activities included:

Laird Boswell, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Janet Caulkins, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jim Donnelly, University of Wisconsin-Madison
› Andrew Epstein, University of Wisconsin-Madison
› Gerhard Fischer, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Susan Friedman, University of Wisconsin-Madison
› Jim Jonas, University of Wisconsin-Madison
› Renee Karl, University of Wisconsin-Madison
› Saejung Lee, Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence

B Venkat Mani, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mark Miller, University of Delware
› Susan Nigohosian, Racine Unified School District & WI Geographic Alliance
› Beth Ratway, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
› Susan Rottmann, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Megan Schliesman, University of Wisconsin-Madison
› Marianna Smirnova, Wisconsin Office of Justice Asssitance
Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Additional sessions were held at:

Cooperative Children's Book Center
Center for Instructional Materials and Computing


For interested educators:
A resource cd of materials from the workshop together with supplementary
resources is available by emailing Mark Lilleleht your request.

In advance of the workshop session, we invited participants to explore some of the resources available on the web.

Articles & sites of possible interest:

A Community Living In Fear (Financial Times, 28 May 2008)
Born Abroad: An Immigration Map of Britain (BBC News)
Child Labor Rings Reach China’s Distant Villages (New York Times, 10 May 2008)
The Countertraffickers (The New Yorker, 5 May 2008)
Destination UK (BBC News, 29 February 2008)
The EU & the Fight Against Human Trafficking (EUInsight, 2007)
Global Migration Factfile (BBC News)
Hidden in Plain Sight: Human Trafficking in WI (Office of Justice Assistance)
Human Trafficking: Better Data, Strategy, and Reporting Needed... (GAO, 2006)
Immigrant Victims in Wisconsin Curriculum (Office of Justice Assistance)
In a World on the Move... (New York Times, 24 June 2007)
Inside Shatila slideshow (BBC News)
Mapping migration for the new EU countries (BBC News)
Snapshot: Global Migration (New York Times, 22 June 2007)|
Trafficking in Persons (WI Department of Justice)
UN Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (United Nations)


Campaign to Rescue & Restore Victims of Human Trafficking
European Migration Network
Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (University of Amsterdam)
International Organization for Migration
Metropolis International

Migration Information Source


Italy: One-Way Ticket to Europe (Frontline/World Rough Cut)
Philippines: Have Degree, Will Travel (Frontline/World Rough Cut)
Sex Slaves (Frontline - view full episode here)

Uganda: The Return (Frontline/World Rough Cut)