Global Studies has been absorbed into the new Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS).
This site exists for archival purposes; active and relevant web pages and resources will be migrated to the
IRIS website between now and the Fall 2016 semester.


Students who minor in Global Studies will be required to take the core Global Studies Graduate Seminar (IS 720) and related course work. In addition to the Global Studies Graduate Seminar (3 credits), students must take nine (9) credits (generally 3 courses) from a list of approved classes, including one course each from three of the four categories. Courses within the student's major department may not be applied toward the Global Studies minor.

The Global Studies Graduate Seminar is offered once per year and depending on demand may be offered each semester. It surveys a variety of topics and approaches, including global economy, human rights, environment, health, and culture, as well as integrative and interdisciplinary theories of globalization.

The electives course list is grouped into four thematic categories:

A) Global Culture and Humanity
B) Global Commons
C) World Affairs and the Global Economy
D) Human Security and Global Citizenship.

These categories make clear that Global Studies is an integrated and integrative field of study, addressing social, cultural, political, economic, and historical forces that connect humanity as a whole. Courses are identified in categories A, B, C, D. Some courses naturally fall in more than one category, in which case that course is located in its primary category and identified with a second letter-category. Courses may be counted for credit in only one category. Although it is difficult to require language study in this 12-credit minor, the advising process for this minor will underscore the importance of knowledge in a foreign language and the ways in which language contributes to and complements the study of global-scale social, cultural, political, economic, and historical forces.

The Global Studies Director and Associate Director, in consultation with the Advisory Board and departments/units represented via courses, will review new courses each semester for possible inclusion. Existing courses not already on this list can be submitted to Global Studies for consideration. Courses taught with insufficient frequency should be identified and brought to the attention of the Global Studies Director and Associate Director for removal from the list.

To apply for the Ph.D. minor in Global Studies, meet with the Global Studies Associate Director. To schedule an appointment, email, or call 608.262.0646.