In Memoriam
Scott, Barbara, Zoe and Noah Kloeck-Jenson

from their friends

Family photo

A good friend and valuable colleague, Scott Kloeck-Jenson, was killed in a car accident in South Africa on 23 June 1999. His wife, Barbara, daughter, Zoe, and son, Noah were also killed. Memorials were held for the family in Minneapolis, where they are buried; in Albany, Oregon, where Barb's family lives; in Madison, where they had lived and worked before going to work with the Land Tenure Center project in Mozambique; and in Maputo, where they were living at the time of the accident. These were initial opportunities to express our special feelings for an extraordinary family. The many people who knew Scott, Barbara, Zoe, and Noah are still in mourning and will always come across memories of them. We at the Land Tenure Center decided to collect some of the sentiments expressed at the memorials and also to provide a place where others can contribute thoughts if they wish. In this way we won't have to think of the memorials as our last chance to remember and talk about the family.

If you spoke at the memorials or knew the family and would like to share your thoughts, please forward them to the Land Tenure Center.

From the Madison Memorial Service
Photo Gallery
Other Friends' Remembrances
Memorial Fund
Playground in Maputo in Memory of the Family
Working Paper by Scott Kloeck-Jenson

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